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Demolition Magicians provides all kinds of demolition across various categories. When you book an appointment with us, our team of professionals will arrive at your location at the scheduled time. We will also call beforehand to let you know that we are on the way.

We offer demolition waste disposal services in Lexington that are easy, affordable, and eco-friendly. Our team has years of experience dealing with all sorts of debris, so you can rest assured that your junk will be disposed of responsibly. We understand the importance of keeping our community clean and green, so we always dispose of waste in an environmentally-friendly manner.

When we arrive at your location, we will look at the area you need to demolish and provide you with a free estimate. After getting your confirmation, we will go ahead and remove all of them for you.

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Top Notch Demolition Company

Demolition Magicians is the perfect choice when you need a reliable and professional demolition company for your demolition project. We have the experience and expertise to get the job done right, quickly, and efficiently. Plus, we ensure that all hazardous materials are disposed of properly. Our team will haul away all debris from your demolition project, so you can focus on the task at hand. We’re always here to help make your life easier. 

Lexington Garage Demolition Contractor | Knockdown Services

Garage Demolition

Demolition Magicians has years of experience demolishing buildings. We know how to carry out the planning, design and execution of a successful demolition job. Our staff is trained to handle the safety precautions during each step of the demolition process.

We are a trusted, professional team of construction experts. We take the pride in designing and building modern structures that meet or exceed expectations.

Lexington Deck Demo Contractor | Deck Removal | Light Demolition

Deck Demolition

At Demolition Magicians, we know what it takes to get your deck off the ground and on to the trash heap. Our professionals can remove outdated decks and install new decks, making the process as simple and stress-free as possible.

This team of professionals will take care of all your deck demolition needs, making the process quick and easy. We can deconstruct your deck using our crane and haul away all debris to keep you out of the rain.

Lexington Basement Demolition Contractor | Knockdown Services

Basement Demolition

If you are looking to have your basement gutted or demolished, this team at Demolition Magicians Services will do a great job.

The team at Demolition Magicians, recently completed the total gut job and demolition of this basement in Lexington, KY. The scope included structural demolition and floor removal, stone removal, concrete removal and demolition, bi-frame wall framing, anodizing facility registration plate frame wall framing and installation of new shower enclosure walls with new flooring.

Lexington Interior Demolition Contractor | Light Demolition Service

Interior Demolition

Demolition is an inevitable part of many construction projects, and we know that it can be a daunting task at times. We're here to help with your interior demolition. When you choose to work with Demolition Magicians, we understand the importance of getting started on your project early—be it commercial or residential—so you can maximize your savings. Working with us will allow you to spend more time focusing on what matters most: the space between those walls! ebris is taken care of.

Lexington Commercial Demolition Contractor | Tear Down Building

Commercial Demolition

If your business needs commercial demolition, contact us!

We have the experience, expertise and machinery to develop specific solutions for your project. We have a team of highly experienced operators and modern equipment and vehicles to deliver safe and effective results-on time and within budget. We engage with our client’s throughout the project to plan and meet specifications.

Lexington Residential Demolition Contractor | Leveling Services

Residential Demolition

Demolition Magicians is the name we use when referring to the residential demolition company that provides services. These services include all types of home demolitions, including remodeling and moving away from older homes. When you contact us regarding this downtime, be sure to include any project information that you have found online regarding what needs to be done before re-development can take place.

Lexington Bathroom Demolition Contractor | Knockdown Services

Bathroom Demolition

Demolition Magicians Service has been providing professional bathroom demolition services in Kentucky since 2010. We have a team of professionals who are expert at removing old and even damaged shower stalls and tubs, as well as other bathroom appliances. Our professionals will safely move any plumbing fixtures and electrical equipment out of the way so that the area can be cleared for demolition contractors to come in and begin work on your project.

Lexington Kitchen Demolition Contractor | Knockdown Services

Kitchen Demolition

The demolition of your kitchen is a tedious process that leaves you nothing but time and money. With our team of experts at hand, you will no longer have to worry about the intricacies of renovating your kitchen.

Our top notch leaders will provide you with cost effective services while ensuring the safety of you, your property and all those involved in the project.

The Demolition Services Process

We offer residential, commercial demolition services.
Complimentary estimates with fair and honest pricing. We are licensed and insured, locally owned and operated, and offer same and next day appointments.

Schedule An Appointment

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After you approve our pricing, then we will begin working.

We Call When We’re On Our Way

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We’ll Leave Your Place Looking Great

Then we will gather the final items and sweep up before we go.

We Arrive Ready To Go

When our crew arrives, we’ll take a look and give you a no-cost demolition service quote.

Settling Up is Quick & Easy

We accept cash, credit cards, check, Venmo, and Zelle.

Demolition Magicians Services

Book an appointment with Demolition Magicians either through our website or by calling us.

After you book an appointment with us, our team of professionals will arrive at your location at the scheduled time. Then, we will remove any and all junk that you want removed from your property and haul it away.

We specialize in the demolition of houses and businesses. Our services are ideal for both residential and commercial properties as we use environmentally friendly materials and equipment to ensure your property is disposed of in a safe manner.

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Just Point At It & It's Gone!

Lexington Garage Demolition Contractor | Knockdown Services
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Point At It & It's Gone!

If you’re looking for demolition services in Lexington, look no further. Our team will have your home demolished as quickly and efficiently as possible, within your budget.

When you need a demolition site cleared, call us for all your demolition needs. We tear down buildings, houses, and businesses and can remove everything from hazardous waste to hazardous materials.

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